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Our departments

The Saroch Supermarket offers to its customers only premium products.

Organic products, gluten-free products, fresh fish, choice cuts of meat, a rich choice of fine delicatessen products, children’s toys are the key departments that distinguish Saroch from other supermarkets in Livigno.

The Saroch Supermarket also offers products such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco at duty-free prices, premium choice and freshly picked fruit and vegetables, fridge and freezer counters for perishables and frozen foods, a small wine shop with fine wines and liqueurs (both local and non-local) also well-stocked with soft drinks. Furthermore, there is a home care section (beauty products, personal hygiene and home cleaning products, small household appliances) and shelves for pet food and care.


Fresh fish

Twice a week, the Saroch Supermarket of Livigno receives a consignment of freshly fished, top quality fish and seafood directly from the Milan fish market, to taste excellent and unique seafood dishes even in the high mountains. The Supermarket is also well-stocked with herbs, spices and condiments to enhance the flavour of any dish.


Organic products

The only supermarket and shop in Livigno, the Saroch Supermarket offers a well-stocked department with organic products and produce, carefully selected and with guaranteed origin: the whole taste and flavour of environmentally sustainable food.


Gluten Free Products

A wide range of gluten-free foods designed for feeding of celiac. All products of "Gluten Free" present Supermarket Saroch, are able to rediscover the fantastic flavors of traditional cuisine to those who are intolerant to gluten and should be more careful when preparing meals.


Vegans Products

At Supermarket Saroch you can find vegan products for a healthy balanced diet : fresh and frozen products that do not contain animal protein and recognizable thanks to "Vegan OK" brand.



Fresh, choice and high-quality meat cuts, from many different animals, available in fine cuts with the precious recommendations of skilled butchers and the possibility of buying freshly minced meat or request special preparations.


Toys for children and school items

A department dedicated to our young Customers with a wide range of toys of the best brands and school items and top quality stationery products.



Every speciality and typical food product of the Livigno area and outside, already prepared by our chefs or for you to cook at home: cold cuts, including game, local cheeses and traditional specialities in elegant packages, to treat yourself or for a refined and appetising gift for friends and family.